Meet the Knives

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Remember this group of Trekker sheaths? Meet the knives!

Hunting Knife, Custom Hunting Knife, Lucas Forge Knives, Elk River Hunter

On the left, we find this impressive Elk River Hunter with a curly maple handle. It’s even been personalized with a name stamped into the spine.

Kephart Knives, Custom Hunting Knives, Kephart, Lucas Forge

Next up, this wild ironwood Kephart with mosaic pins and thumb-jimping!

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Taking the center is an edition of the Woodsman Nessmuk, with mosaic pins and cross-hatching on the light-stain curly maple handle.

Hunting Knife, Lucas Forge

Yet another impressive┬áElk River Hunter comes next. This one features mosaic pins, thumb-jimping and an┬áironwood handle. This side has deep and incredible character…and check out the other side!

Ironwood, Lucas Forge

Nessmuk, Lucas Forge

And to the far right? This rugged, handsome curly maple Woodsman Nessmuk with its hammer forged finish!

All of these knives are creative custom orders. Thank you for your support and interest! We hope you’ve enjoyed this Trekker gallery!

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