Policies and FAQ

Here are some questions that you might have about my knives and sheaths. Maybe the answer to your question will be listed below. If it is not, please shoot me an email: lucas@customhuntingknives.org.



Domestic Shipping Policy

For US shipments, we use Priority Mail 2-3 day shipping as our standard service.

For custom orders, expect $8.00-$12.00 shipping charge, based on your location and whether your address includes an apartment or suite number. If you do live in an apartment or have a suite address, we will usually include a signature required label to make sure that you are the one who receives your package.

Full-value insurance affects the postage price, so please let us know if you desire or require this knife to be fully insured.

Also, please note that large knives and big orders may cost more than $12.00 in postage.

-Please recycle your packaging materials to start fires, or use the box to sort items around the house. Or, store sweet potatoes or green tomatoes using the packing paper to protect each piece of produce!

International Shipping Policy

We use First Class, Priority, and Priority Express International services for posting your order. We no longer use Global Express. When you are invoiced, we will either offer postage options for better price and shipping time, or will invoice for the best price option.

We declare items at full value and add insurance where allowed. Please keep this in mind when placing your order, as you may be liable for import tax in your country. Our goal is to post your knife via a safe and reliable service at fair market rates. Please consult your local post office to determine fees that may be incurred by importing a custom knife.

Q: What’s the status of my order? How much longer will it be before my knife is done?

A: When you place a knife order, you will be notified as to the approximate wait time (currently about 7 months). Please be patient and rest assured that when your knife is complete, you’ll be contacted.

Q: How and when will I know when my knife is done?

A: When your custom knife is ready, you can expect an email (or, if no email is available, a phone call). An invoice will be included in the email with your order total. Please contact us as soon as you can to confirm that you will pay for the knife.

Payment is due upon receipt of invoice. If I cannot make contact with you after making three (3) attempts, or within three weeks, your order will be cancelled. If you do decide to cancel for any reason, please let us know immediately. Once I have started your knife, your order is committed and all deposits are none-refundable; thank you for your understanding.

Please note that the wait times posted on this website are estimated. Your project could take more or less time than the current estimate.

Q: When will you ship my custom knife out? I can’t wait!

A: Thanks for your enthusiasm! After payment is received, a custom order generally ships in between 1-3 business days.  We will reserve the right to wait for shipment of knives that are being paid for with a personal check or any money transfer other than cash, PO money order, card, or PayPal.

Q: Is this particular knife available? How do I know if a knife that’s pictured on your website is available or not? 

A: Thanks for your interest! The only knives that are available now on the website are listed on the Available Now page, and occasionally on the Specials page (as noted on that page), and have an “Add to Cart” button beneath their photo.

Past Work knives are no longer available. All knives pictured on the model pages are no longer available. These are listed as examples of custom knives that can be ordered.

If you would like to receive email updates about new projects and available knives from Lucas Forge, please sign up for the news by completing the form on the right sidebar!

Q: Will you make changes to my custom order once the deposit is placed and the order is on the books?

A: I will make changes up to one (1) month from the date of the order. After that, a new order will need to be placed. If a new order is placed, your position in the waiting list will stay the same, but you will lose the initial deposit amount.

Q: I want my knife sheath, or wood knife handle to have the exact same color as one pictured on the website. Can this be done?
A: I cannot guarantee that any color will be exactly the same. We will try to match colors as closely as we can if a request comes in, but each item is handmade, and will vary.

Q: Will you build a horizontal sheath for a Nessmuk style knife?

A: No, Nessmuk knives, Trade knives and some Frontier knives do not work well with the horizontal sheath. This is noted on the model pages.

Q: Will you build me a knife from a picture or drawing?
A: This depends on the design and features of the knife that you are interested in. Please note that if you send me a drawing of a knife and I decide to build it for you, I will make whatever design changes I feel are needed to make the knife right for you. All knives made from drawings/pictures are sold as is unless there is a defect in materials or workmanship. Do not call me and say, “I like it but it needs this or that.” You are the one that wanted a knife like that! It is usually better for you to order a knife that I already build. That way, you are getting a proven, dependable design.

Q: Will this sheath loosen up over time?

A: Yes, all leather sheaths will loosen with age and use. The sheaths for the knives with integral finger guards, such as the Packer and Mini Jaguar, will be tighter longer than a Nessmuk sheath, for example. This is because the welt strip can be fitted better to the integral guard.

Q: Do I have to worry about losing a Nessmuk, or similar knife out of the sheath?
A: I and others that I know have carried these styles of knives under all kinds of real world conditions and have not had problems with losing a knife. The sheaths for these knives are made very deep to take in most of the knife, so the chance of losing it is very small. It is a traditionally made sheath for a traditionally styled knife.

Q: Will you take a set of antlers that I have harvested and make a handle with them?

A: Sorry, but I have decided not to do this, as I can better guarantee the antler making a suitable handle if I use something from my stock.

That’s all for now! Thanks, Lucas

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