Trekker Sheath

The Trekker Sheath

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Who’s up for an adventure?

The Trekker personifies (sheathifies?) being prepared in a compact way! It’s easy to pack, yet provides three essentials and options galore for useful service on the trail!

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On the belt, Trekker shines with a sense of being prepared, but not being in the way. It is especially designed to go with the Woodsman Nessmuk and Classic Hunter models, and is also available with the Elk River Hunter, Powder River, Kephart, and Mini Jaguar models!

Lucas Forge, Custom Sheaths, Custom Hunting Knives, Lucas Forge Leather Sheaths, Leather Sheaths, Deluxe Leather Knife Sheaths, Knife Gifts, Woodsman Knife Sheath, Custom Leather Sheath The versatile design gives you a lot of ways to carry it, even including a D-ring for tie-down carry! (Or for hanging your keys on, or securing it onto a pack, or for keeping track of a compass…you get the idea!)

Multi Use Leather Sheath, Lucas Forge Knives, Custom Hunting Knives, Leather Sheath, Customized Leather Sheath, Backwoodsman Leather Sheath, Hiker's Leather Knife Sheath, Adventure Sheath, Survival Sheath It only gets better! Trekker arrives set to travel with a hard Arkansas sharpening stone (soft available upon request!), in its own pocket, plus…a fire starter nestled in its own side loop. Everything is very secure in there.

Firestarter, Fire Starter, Lucas Knives, Leather Sheath, Custom Leather Sheaths

The fire starter will be our choice of wood or antler. These two accessories help to complete a survival-type kit. The Arkansas stone is for general purpose sharpening and the fire starter, in addition to making fires, could also be used to keep a blade honed razor sharp in a tough situation.

Custom Sheaths

Each Trekker is hand stitched, and hand dyed, and designed by Ike, Lucas’ bro. You have the choice of the two pictured basic dye styles: dark brown (back) and rust (front). Vegetable tanned leather.
Every sheath is truly a one-of-a-kind heirloom that’s ready to go to work!

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Snap sheath = easy to get into and hard for your knife to make an escape on its own!

Handmade Leather Sheath

Approximate demensions are as follows (may vary based on model)…
Overall length, including D-ring: 10 1/2 inches
Overall width, including fire starter: 3 inches

Sheaths, Knife Sheaths, Deluxe Knife Sheath, Handmade Leather Knife Sheath, Lucas Forge

Heavy duty, long-lasting construction and rugged styling make this sheath a classic!

Check out the Woodsman NessmukClassic Hunter, Elk River Hunter, Powder River, Kephart, or Mini Jaguar model pages to order a knife with this awesome sheath upgrade! Prices for the Trekker available in Sheath Options in the custom order forms of all compatible models listed.

Please Note: Not available for any other knife brand; only available for custom Lucas Forge knife orders.

Also add the Trekker to a Lucas Forge knife you already own for $110.00 plus postage. Available for the knives listed above, thanks!

Thank you for your interest in Lucas Forge! If you have any questions, please send them over to… or call (256) 431-6839! Thanks!

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