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Available: Spotlight on Pocket Knives

Hello! Today there are new knives on the Available Now page! We’re especially focusing in on the two fixed blade pocket knives. They are both just 4 1/2 inches overall, but pack plenty of design details. The one shown above has … Continue reading

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Available: Axe and Facts

Hello everyone! Today’s available selection is unique in that it is the first time one of Ike’s axes is being offered on the website. And we’re pretty excited about that! This axe is the product of a lot of muscle, … Continue reading

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Meet the Knives

Remember this group of Trekker sheaths? Meet the knives! On the left, we find this impressive Elk River Hunter with a curly maple handle. It’s even been personalized with a name stamped into the spine. Next up, this wild ironwood … Continue reading

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Lately: Available and Trekkers

Hope you’ve had a grand start-of-spring! A lot has been going on in and going out of the shop these days, so we’re dropping by to… 1) Let you know that there are new knives on the Available Now page, … Continue reading

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Available: Mosaics in the Spotlight

Today there are some fabulous knives on the available now page and this is one of them. Just one look and it’s pretty obvious that this is a spectactular piece. It’s a Kephart with a slightly shorter blade than the … Continue reading

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Featuring: Custom Pieces

The shop’s been humming. Here’s a selection of custom knives for your enjoyment. This handsome Kephart has an aged oak handle and is accompanied by a Trekker sheath. Mesquite pairs excellently with this Elk River Hunter, complete with a forged … Continue reading

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Talk of the Day: Ironwood Set

This is an amazing pair of knives… …paired with an amazing sheath! This side-by-side sheath neatly packs two full-sized knives while packing a seriously unique style. It has two separate belt loops. Both the Packer and ProSkinner feature refined, complementing, … Continue reading

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The shop’s been humming lately…Lucas is turning out a whole passel of custom knives, bound for parts all over the country and even the world! Right now, we’re happy to present a gallery showcasing details of knives that are available! First … Continue reading

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Our Favorite Jerky

We are big fans of venison jerky around here! Now, there are probably as many jerky recipes as there are folks who make it, but this one is sweet and flavorful…and our favorite. Hope you give it a try and … Continue reading

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Details of the Day!

We hope everyone out there is having a fantastic start to the year 2017! Today there is a new selection of available knives on the page… Here are some detail pictures! First off, we have a closer view of this … Continue reading

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