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Thanks for your support and interest in my work! Estimated time of delivery for custom orders is currently 6-7 months from order date. All available knives should ship in about 1-3 business days after receiving payment.

This may only be a partial list. Click on any picture, or the link below it, for a description.

These are knives that are currently available for sale. The knife in each picture is the actual knife that you will receive. (Please note that a handle color may show up different on your screen. Measurements are approximate.)

Thank you for your interest,
Lucas Bullington
Knifemaker, Lucas Forge

Hog Hunting Knife, Hog Knife, Lucas Forge Knives, Custom Hunting Knife, Custom Hunting Knives

Above: Hog Hunter, 13 1/2 inches, $350 

Classic Knives, Heirloom Knives, Lucas Forge, Handmade Knives, Custom Knives, Custom Hunting Knives, Hunting Knives, Custom Handmade Knife, Alabama Made

Above: Classic Hunter, 9 1/4 inches, $275

  Leather and Metal Conditioner, Preserver for Leather, Leather Finish, Leather Bag Finish, Leather Bag Waterproofer, Metal Finish, Blade Protection Finish, Leather Care Products, Knife Care Products

Above: “Windy Ridge,” $10

Nessmuk Knife, Forged Nessmuk Knife, Mr. Sears Nessmuk Knife, Lucas Forge, Lucas Forge Nessmuk Knife, Lucas Forge Nessmuk, Woodsman Nessmuk, Backwoodsman Nessmuk, Custom Hunting Knives, One Of A Kind Knives

Above: Old-Style Nessmuk, 7 1/4 inches, $275

Also, check out the fire starter special!

Please check back soon or contact me if you are looking for anything in particular. Call (256) 431-6839 or email lucas@customhuntingknives.org for more information, or to place a custom knife order!

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