Curly Maple Nessmuk with Cross-Hatching

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Whoa! This super Woodsman Nessmuk is a trail knife with some serious flair!

The blade is made of O-1 high carbon steel in a 1/8-inch thickness. It has a finely-detailed aged finish.

Of course, the handle stands out big-time! It’s a curly maple handle with cross-hatching, providing added grip and some historical styling.

Overall, the knife measures approximately 9 inches, with a sweeping, 4 1/2-inch blade, ready to hit the woods.

It comes complete with this amazing handmade two-tone leather sheath.

This knife is sold. You can order a similar custom Woodsman Nessmuk on the Lucas Forge website! Just go to the Woodsman Nessmuk model page, under Models. Thank you for looking!

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