Drop Point Cub – CB

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This Cub knife is small and lightweight, yet it packs enough cutting edge for a myriad of close-handed projects!

This knife is also packing plenty of classic style! The special drop-point blade here is made using 1/8-inch, O-1 high carbon steel and it has the aged finish. The handle is wild ironwood paired with brass. This side of the handle has that amazing dark grain, while the other side is mostly that desert orange color, giving a lot of character to this little fellow.

Overall, this Cub measures about 5 7/8 inches, including the 2 7/8-inch blade.

And, yes, this Cub comes with its own handmade sheath, ready for the belt.

This Cub is SOLD, thank you! A similar custom piece would be about $165, plus shipping.* Thank you so much for visiting the Lucas Forge website today! If you have any questions about this knife,
or if you wish to ask about a custom job, please contact lucas@customhuntingknives.org. Have a wonderful day!

*Price subject to change; please contact for exact quote.

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