Hammer Forged Neck Knife – NK3

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This neck knife is small and lightweight, yet it packs enough cutting edge for a myriad of close-handed projects!

This knife is also packing plenty of classic style! The blade here is hammer-forged to 1/8-inch thick using 52100 high carbon steel and it has an aged finish. The handle is a unique gray-green phenolic from Shadetree paired with subtle deep red liners, black micarta pins, and a copper lanyard port liner! Overall, this little buddy measures in at about 5 11/16 inches, including the 2 13/16-inch blade.

Let’s talk about the sheath, too! Handmade here in Alabama, this handy leather sheath has a gorgeous buckskin tone and, along with the included paracord, is ready to be slipped over your head to keep this neck knife close by.

A custom job similar to this would run about $145, plus shipping.* Thank you so much for visiting the Lucas Forge website today! If you have any questions about this knife, or if you wish to ask about a custom job, please contact lucas@customhuntingknives.org. Have a wonderful day!

*Price subject to change. Please contact for exact quote.

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