Ironwood Woodsman Nessmuk

Ironwood Woodsman Nessmuk

Whoa! This super Woodsman Nessmuk is a trail knife with some flair!

The blade is made of O-1 high carbon steel in a 1/8-inch thickness. It has a finely-detailed aged finish.

This handle is desert ironwood with super-cool and beautiful character opposites…right side has an amazing desert-sunset glow tone, and the left has a dark tone. For a photo of the reverse side, please visit the blog!

Overall, the knife measures approximately 9 1/16 inches, with a sweeping, 4 5/8-inch blade, ready to hit the woods.

It comes complete with this amazing handmade, Alabama-crafted leather sheath!

This one is SOLD! Thank you for your interest! Please visit the Woodsman Nessmuk model page on the Lucas Forge website to order one of your own!

P.S. For a time this took the headline as the top Nessmuk picture on the model page until 5-25-17!

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