Sears Nessmuk

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In 1884, Mr. George Washington Sears (1821-1890) published his book, “Woodcraft and Camping.”

The book focused on ultra-light camping and in it, there’s a woodcut showing a double bit hatchet, a pocket knife, and sheath knife.

This special edition Lucas Forge knife is made to be a close reproduction of that sheath knife.

Lucas’ version features an aged 1/8-inch, O-1 high carbon steel blade, a rustic antler handle, and three brass pins. In addition, this knife doesn’t have the usual Lucas Forge etch, but a special one: Sears Nessmuk By Lucas Forge.

The knife in the woodcut appears to sport an antler crown handle, but this one is full tang. The measurements of the axe have been used to scale this knife to match the woodcut. It is just under 10 inches overall, with a 5 1/4-inch blade.

This special edition Nessmuk comes ready to go with its own leather belt sheath.

For information about ordering a custom version of this reproduction, please write to Thank you for being a part of the woodsman history!

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