Osage Chef’s Knife – CK2

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Suited for all manner of field work, this knife also easily transfers to the camp kitchen for all kinds of slicing, dicing, and meat prep. This knife is finely crafted out of 3/32-inch, 52100 high carbon steel, featuring an aged + hammer-forged finish.

This elegant handle, that fits neatly into the hand, is is wild, lightly hued ironwood! Three brass bolt sets set it off!

This knife measures approximately 10 3/8 inches, including a 6 1/4-inch blade. It comes with its own handmade leather belt sheath.

This one is SOLD, thank you! A similar custom piece would be around $290, plus shipping.* For more information, please contact lucas@customhuntingknives.org. Thank you for visiting Lucas Forge online!

*Prices subject to change; please contact for exact quote.

Here are some tips about using high carbon knives in the kitchen:
1) After using, promptly wash and dry your knife, especially when cutting acidic foods such as tomatoes.
2) Always hand-wash your knife instead of using the dishwasher.
3) Apply a couple drops of food-grade oil to your knife (blade, and handle too!) on occasion.
4) If your knife ever does miss a washing and gets a bit of rust, simply wash, dry, then oil it.
5) To help preserve a keen edge, use a sharpening rod or strop on occasion.
6) Over time, the blade will take on an ever-changing patina, which is one of the unique things about using high carbon in the kitchen!

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