Osage Orange Packer

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The Packer lives up to its name…easy to pack and ready for the trail. This amazing knife design offers a lot of cutting power in a moderate-size. It’ll be comfortable whether you’re field dressing a deer or cutting a box open.

The blade itself is rugged 1/8-inch, O-1 high carbon tool steel with a finely detailed aged blade finish. The overall measurement is about 8 inches, with a 3 1/2-inch blade.

This osage orange handle is a deep honey-gold with a lot of deep grain and character! Pair that with brass and you have a cool-looking, hard working knife, folks.

Comes with pictured handcrafted leather sheath, handmade in Alabama by Ike!

This one is SOLD – thank you! Please visit the Packer page to order a custom knife similar to this one! Thank you for visiting Lucas Forge online!

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