Slim Jim Jr. – D2

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Meet “Slim Jim Jr.!” This unique knife from Lucas Forge is, true to its name, slim and slender (as you can see by the penny in this picture)…perfect for use as a fillet knife, for cleaning birds, or as a upscale desk knife!

This deluxe cutting tool has a snazzy 1/8-inch Alabama Damascus blade and paduak handle, that’s fitted with brass hardware. Overall, Jim Jr. is about 7 1/4 inches, including the 3 1/4-inch blade. If you need some finely-tuned cutting action, here’s the knife for you!

Comes with its own custom handcrafted leather belt sheath!

This one is SOLD, thank you! A similar custom knife would be about $210, plus shipping.* If you have any questions, please shoot them to Thank you so much for visiting!

*Prices subject to change; please contact for exact quote.

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