Windy Ridge Leather and Metal Conditioner

Leather and Metal Conditioner, Preserver for Leather, Leather Finish, Leather Bag Finish, Leather Bag Waterproofer, Metal Finish, Blade Protection Finish, Leather Care Products, Knife Care Products

Meet “Windy Ridge!” This amazing formula, which has been developed, made, and extensively field-tested right here, protects steels from rust, softens and renews leather, and protects and preserves woods – making it ideal for use on all your wildcrafting implements. Knives (both blades and handles!), leather sheaths, leather bags, axe handles, and many more surfaces will benefit from this treatment.

Windy Ridge is made with a proprietary blend of wax and oil, so that it’s all-natural and skin-safe, too! Comes in a 2-ounce tin with a classy label on the front. Easy to pack with you anywhere.

This listing is made especially so that you can easily add Windy Ridge on to your knife order for just $10.00 per tin (it ships free with your knife!)…order as many as you need!

Or…if you would like to order a tin by itself, please visit this page, where Windy Ridge is sold separately ($12.00 a tin, or $11.00 each for two or more, postage paid)!

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