Custom: Parade of Packers

The Packer model is full of versatility and just plain practicality. It is of a very useful size…compact enough to carry daily and large enough to do most cutting jobs with ease.

Custom Packers are so varied, and each so unique, that for today’s blog post, we present a series of four, all sporting curly maple handles. Check it out!

Custom Knife, Hunting Knife, Dressing Knife, Skinning Knife, Belt Knife

Aged blade and a medium brown stain on that curly maple gives this one a refined look. Plus, those mosaic pins set it off.

Custom packer Knife, Pack Knife, Belt Knife, Skinning Knife, Field Dressing Knife, Hunting Knife

Satin blade finish, small pins and light, bright curly maple. What a match!

Belt Knife, Hunting Knife, Custom Knife

Satin finish blade, large brass pin sets, slanting grain, and a golden-brown stain.

Ironwood Knife, Ironwood, Pack er Knife Lucas Forge, Custom Knife

A satin blade finish, mosaic pins, and a vibrant medium stain. The color is reminiscent of ironwood.

For specific model information, please visit the page!

Thank you for joining us on the blog! Have a great day!

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Custom: Epic Bowie

Bowie Knife, Custom Bowie Knife, Graduation Gift for Boy, Reproduction Bowie Knife, Lucas Forge Reproductions, Lucas Forge Knife

The original Bowie knife has been shrouded in historic mystery, but this blade is clearly a classic. All the elements are tasteful and work together to create a stunning piece.

Custom Knives, Lucas Forge Custom Knives, Custom Bowie Knife, Handmade Bowie Knife

Custom built, its design is based off of the reproduction “Alamo Bowie” knife seen here.

Measures approximately 12 inches overall, with a 7-inch blade.

Hunting Knives, Bowie Knife, handmade Bowie Knife  The knife’s antiqued brass guard with twin holes for an optional lanyard.

Personlized Knives, Custom Knife, Lucas Forge Knives

The spine is stamped with a personalized inscription, making this a real live heirloom piece.

Custom Knives, Bowie Knife, Historic Bowie Knife

Handle is rich, sculpted walnut.

Brass Pommel

The end of the handle is capped by this antiqued brass pommel.

Custom Knives, Custom Bowie Knife, Lucas Forge

The blade is O-1 high carbon steel and is antiqued for a rugged patina.

Custom knife Sheaths, Snap Sheath, Leather Snap Sheath for Knives, Leather Sheaths, Bowie Knife, Custom Bowie Knife

The accompanying handmade leather snap sheath also melds with the knife.

Bowie Knives, Lucas Forge Bowie Knives, Custom Bowie Knife, Custom Hunting Knives, Backwoodsman Knife, Hunting Knife

A true Lucas Forge take on a piece of the past.

Thank you for visiting the blog! If you have any questions regarding a custom knife of your own, please contact Have an amazing day!

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Pocket Pal Revisited

Custom Knives, Little Knife, Small Belt Knife, Skinning Knife, Carving Knife, Lucas Knives, Hunting Knife

This nifty little knife is (believe it or not!) one of the Pocket Pal’s from the special in July 2015 with a new snazzy black micarta handle!

The black micarta suites this design remarkably well and the large stainless bolt/pin sets add an extra element that really stands out.

The Pocket Pal is a proven-tough design.

We’d love to know what you’ve done with yours if you’ve outfitted it with a handle, or how it’s performed for you out there! Feel free to leave a comment!

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Material Spotlight: Osage Orange

Custom Knives, Lucas Forge, Custom Hunting Knives, Lucas Knives, Survival Knife, Skinning Knife, Trapping Knife, Osage Orange, Osage Handled Knife

Osage orange is a name for a certain tree that produces large, nobby, green, orange-like “fruits” and beautiful tight grained wood. The fruits are not of an edible nature, but the wood is superb.

Osage has a lot of history attached to it. It was highly prized among the first peoples of this land and it is still so among the archers of today. The bows made from osage are often pieces of art, having been worked out of a twisty and knotty portion of the tree. Straightly grained sections of wood are especially sought after. Strength, flexibility and durability are all claimed by this wood that is also known as bodock or hedge apple, to name two.

The freshly polished wood is most often bright yellow and as it is exposed to sunlight will mellow and deepen into a rich orange-brown hue.

The wood in the knife above almost has a three dimensional effect and this handle has been “aged” to achieve that grand appearance. The knife that this particular osage handle calls home is a custom one and is made after the “HU” knife on the Past Work page. It’s a versatile hunting knife design with a lot of power.

Hunter Knife, Skinning Knife, Osage Orange, Lucas Forge

The copper-based mosaic pins really flow into the osage to create a simply deluxe piece.

Thank you for visiting the Lucas Forge blog today!

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Custom: Jack

Custom Jack Pine Knife, Lucas Forge, Custom Hunting Knives, Custom Knife for Gift, Mens Gift, Hunting Knife, Belt Knife

September’s in full swing and so are a whole bunch of knives!

This one is a Jack Pine Special with a very heavily-grained handle of aged oak. Though not as popular as walnut or curly maple, the material is a great choice, and, in this case, is quite the character!

This handle’s grain complements Jack’s style to create a great looking, hard working knife.

Thank you for visiting the Lucas Forge blog! For information about ordering your own custom knife, please browse this site, or send your request to Have a grand day!

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Guest Post: Salad Greens

Salad greens add fun and variety to your diet. What better way to use homemade salad dressings than piling it on homegrown greens?

Salad greens may not be as essential for survival as potatoes or corn, but they sure add some interest to meals.

With the right set up and the right climate, an enterprising individual can grow salads year-round. But in this part of the world, the heat makes salad growing in the summer quite the challenge. So we mostly take a break from salad growing in the height of summer.

If all the lettuce you’ve had came from the grocery store, you’re missing out. Lettuces grown in the garden tend to have more flavor than what comes from the store. Garden greens taste almost shockingly sweet, with some varieties or weather conditions also providing a nicely balanced bitter character…perfect with a homemade dressing!

Survival Gardening, Salad Greens, Custom Knives, Lucas Forge

Above: The lettuce plot in May 2015. Vibrant, green, and ready to eat: Romaine, Buttercrunch, Oak Leaf, Red Saladbowl and Ruby Red lettuces, plus a stray beet. Romaine wins overall, but we love a selection.

Earlier this year we ate greens out of a small patch from late March until the middle of June! That meant salads or stir fry once or twice a day, and enough for six people at a time.

A myriad of lettuces aren’t the only greens grown in the garden. We also enjoy pak choy, green onions, kale, colorful swiss chard, carrots, cabbage leaves, spinach and so forth.

We’re salad green fans here and we’re now looking forward to the fall crop that’s coming up.

Bring ’em on!

-Guest post from Al

Thank you for reading the Lucas Forge blog!

Do you have a favorite lettuce or other green?

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A Piece of History

There is a very special knife available on the website today. This knife is patterned after the original Sears Nessmuk found in Mr. George Washington Sears’ book. For more information about that, please feel free to visit the knife’s listing.

Here are some additional views of this classic old-style Nessmuk. Enjoy!

Sears Nessmuk, Nessmuk Knife, Lucas Forge Knives, Custom Hunting Knives, Reproduction Nessmuk Knife, Reproduction Knives, Custom Knives  A stunning traditional woodsman’s knife.

Custom Knives, Traditional Nessmuk Knife, Historical Knife

 Antiqued antler handle with brass hardware.

Sears Nessmuk, Lucas Forge Nessmuk, Nessmuk Knives

Etched inscription: Sear’s Nessmuk By Lucas Forge

Nessmuk Knife

The Nessmuk in its handmade leather sheath.

Thank you for visiting the blog, for your interest, and for your enjoyment of traditional knives. Hope you have a great day!

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Hello there! Some newly available now knives are added to the website! Here are detail pictures of two of them!

Packer Knife, Belt Knife, Custom Knife, Lucas Forge

First up is this spliced Packer.

From the knife’s description: “…the handle is what steals the show! This unique handle is made up of a black linen micarta liner, black linen micarta bolsters, and ironwood accents. In other words, the handle is mostly micarta, but has been given a partial overlay of ironwood!”

Custom Knives, Lucas Forge

Here’s a close-up, so you can better see how this works. Very unique!

Kephart Knife, Kephart, Custom Kephart Knife, Lucas Forge Knives, Lucas Knives, Lucas Forge, Custom Hunting Knives, Hunting KnivesNext up, is a detail shot from this gorgeous Kephart.

Kephart Knife, Lucas Forge, Custom Knives, Handmade Full Tang KnifeMosaic pins and cross-hatching? Yes!

Thank you for checking in on the Lucas Forge blog! For more information about these and other available knives, please click here!

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Custom: ERH

Custom Hunting Knives, Lucas Forge

This Elk River Hunter looks right at home with wild, high-contrast ironwood handle.

It’s reminiscent of a desert sunset, is it not?

Thank you for visiting the blog!

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Guest Post: Leather Waterproofing

Custom Leather Products, Waterproofing Leather, Lucas Forge Leather

What is the best way to keep leather sheaths waterproof and in good shape?

Let’s look at three ways to waterproof your outdoor “leathers!”

First off, you can choose to paint on (or spray on) an acrylic leather finish, creating a sealant layer. This layer works great, but will eventually break down, as paints do over time.

But an advantage to acrylic is that it does protect without darkening the leather. In some cases maintaining the leather color is a high priority. If this is true for you, go with the acrylic.

A second waterproofing method is a wax finish.

Wax treatment requires some maintenance, but it is a simple and effective method to use. Simply applying beeswax to keep moisture out mostly works best for smooth leather. The rough side of the leather doesn’t like wax so much.

Thirdly, oil finishes not only moisturize, as suggested in an earlier post, but oil-treated leather repels water quite well. Only be careful to just give your sheath a coat of oil and then remove the excess, never soak sheaths in oil. The oil-soaked leather loses any shape it has. Also note…oil-treated leather does darken – but it’s a cool effect.

Of course, many natural materials can be used to “oil” finish leather. Mink oil, lard, tallow and other such substances work well on leather. But so do neetsfoot oil, coconut oil, walnut oil…or bear grease.

Finally, one might use a combination of materials to both moisturize and seal premium leather goods.

Our Windy Ridge product combines hard and soft oils with selected waxes to provide effective sealing and moisturizing of leather. Windy Ridge is formulated here using natural materials. The product is easy to use and cost-effective.

Windy Ridge treatment does more than protect leather too. It protects metals from rust just a well as it works on leather. It works for leather belts, sheaths, wallets and such, and still protects knife blades and guns as well. Try a tin for yourself.

~Guest post by Al

Thank you for reading!

Do you have a favorite product or method when it comes to waterproofing leather? Please feel free to tell about it in a comment!

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