Available: Mosaics in the Spotlight

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Today there are some fabulous knives on the available now page and this is one of them. Just one look and it’s pretty obvious that this is a spectactular piece. It’s a Kephart with a slightly shorter blade than the standard Kepharts carry.

This knife features an O-1 high carbon blade, aged blade finish, thumb jimping, and a vibrant curly maple handle, yes, and right now we’re zoning in on that trio of mosaic pins.

Mosaic Knife Pins, Custom Hunting Knives, Lucas Forge

Thank you for stopping by the blog!

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Featuring: Custom Pieces

Trekker Sheath, Handmade Sheath, Custom Leather Sheath, Lucas FOrge Knives, Custom Hunting Knife, Custom Outdoor Knife

The shop’s been humming. Here’s a selection of custom knives for your enjoyment.

Kephart Knife, Custom Knife, Custom Kephart Knife, What is a Kephart Knife, Custom Hunting Knives

This handsome Kephart has an aged oak handle and is accompanied by a Trekker sheath.

Mesquite, Elk River Hunter, Custom Mesquite Knife, Custom Hunting Knives, Lucas Forge Knives, Lucas Knives

Mesquite pairs excellently with this Elk River Hunter, complete with a forged finish and…

Custom Knife Options, Lucas Forge Knives


Frontier Knife, Custom Knife, Historical Knife, Historic Knives, Lucas Forge Knives

 Large Frontier with walnut handle and mosaic pins!

Jack Pine Knife, Canada Knife, Lucas Forge Knives, Hunting Knives, Full Tang Knives, High Carbon Knives

Walnut handled Jack Pine Special, with mosaic pins…

Walnut, Custom Knives, Lucas Forge

A little character in the handle…

Custom Knives, Lucas Forge

And Filework Pattern #1 on the spine!

Frontier Knives, Custom Hunting Knives, Lucas Forge Knives, Outdoor Knives, High Carbon Knives

Aged oak handle, hammer forged finish and mosaic pins…

Custom Knife for Hunter, Lucas Forge Knives

This Large Frontier is set for the trail.

Custom Knives, Lucas Forge Knives

Dramatic curly maple handle, mosaic pins and aged finish. An ideal Jack Pine Special.

Thank you so much for visiting the blog today! If you’d like to order your own dream knife, please check out the model pages or direct your questions to lucas@customhuntingknives.org. Have an awesome day out there!

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Talk of the Day: Ironwood Set

Packer Knife, Knife Set, Custom Knives, Custom Knife Set, Custom Hunting Knives, Lucas Forge Knives

This is an amazing pair of knives…

Leather Knife Sheath, Lucas Forge

…paired with an amazing sheath! This side-by-side sheath neatly packs two full-sized knives while packing a seriously unique style.

Lucas Knives, Custom Hunting Knives

It has two separate belt loops.

Custom Knives, Custom Hunting Knives, Lucas Forge Knives

Both the Packer and ProSkinner feature refined, complementing, dark ironwood handles. Thank you for looking!

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The shop’s been humming lately…Lucas is turning out a whole passel of custom knives, bound for parts all over the country and even the world! Right now, we’re happy to present a gallery showcasing details of knives that are available!

Kephart Knife, Reproduction Kephart Knife, Camp Knife, Lucas Knives, Lucas Forge Knives, Custom Hunting Knives

First off, check out this Kephart that’s paired with a handsome Trekker sheath!

Knife Sheath, Leather Knife Sheath, Lucas FOrge, Custom Hunting Knives

Oak Handle, Custom Knives, Lucas Knives

Here’s a reverse view of the aged oak handle. So much character here.

Historical Knives, Reproduction Sears Nessmuk Knife, Nessmuk Knife, Lucas Forge Knives

And if you’ve seen Lucas’ newest offered reproduction Sears’ Nessmuk, you may be interested in an alternative view of the fancy, deep walnut handle…

Walnut, Custom Knives, Lucas ForgeThank you for visiting the blog and for all of your kind interest and support. Hope everyone has a great day! Check back for pictures of several custom knives that have recently headed to their new homes!

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Our Favorite Jerky

We are big fans of venison jerky around here! Now, there are probably as many jerky recipes as there are folks who make it, but this one is sweet and flavorful…and our favorite. Hope you give it a try and enjoy!

How to make jerky, Homemade Jerky, Jerky Recipe, Best Jerky Recipe, Lucas Forge Knives, Custom Hunting Knives


1/2 cup olive oil
1 cup soy sauce or Bragg’s Liquid Aminos
3 tablespoons brown sugar
3 cloves garlic, minced
1 teaspoon ground ginger, or 1 tablespoon grated fresh ginger
2 tablespoons balsamic vinegar

Combine and mix thoroughly. Layer with thinly cut (1/8 – 1/4-inch or so) strips of venison and marinate meat at least overnight in the refrigerator…it takes on more flavor as it sits. This makes about 2 1/2 cups marinade – enough to coat a tightly-packed gallon bucket full of meat.

Jerky, Homemade Jerky, Lucas Knives, Custom Knives, How to Make Jerky

Lay out on dehydrator trays and dry thoroughly. We have also experimented with fire-drying and oven-drying. However you dry it, make sure it is kept at a safe temperature and well-dried when done. We keep the finished jerky in the fridge or freezer and it quickly disappears. (It’s a great protein snack, after all…)

Do you have a favorite venison recipe?

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Details of the Day!

We hope everyone out there is having a fantastic start to the year 2017!

Today there is a new selection of available knives on the page… Here are some detail pictures!

Curly Maple, Custom Knives, Lucas Forge, Knifemakers

First off, we have a closer view of this beautiful maple handle belonging to the available Small Frontier…mosaic pins, too!

Custom Hunting Knives, Custom Knife, Unique Knife, Custom Knifemaker, Knifemakers, Lucas Forge, Hunting Knife, Heirloom Knife

Next, we’re highlighting some of this amazing Hunter’s features. This really is an heirloom-quailty working knife, with great details such as…

Lucas Forge, Custom Filework on Knives, Knives with Custom Options, Custom Knives

A stretch of over 2 inches of hand-filed pattern #2 filework on the spine for grip and character.

Custom Hunting Knives, Lucas Forge, Collector Knife

A super handle that fits into the hand like a dream. This features an antique bone micarta, trimmed with black and white spacers, a gorgeous band of ironwood there, and brass guard and pommel!

Hidden Tang Knife, Custom Knives, Lucas Forge

The Hunter also features hidden tang construction and here you can see the blade showing through the pommel on the end.

Ebony Knife Handle, Ebony wood, Ebony, Lucas Forge, Custom Knives

One more! Here’s a close-up of the ebony handle belonging to the Classic Hunter! Deep black with light undertones!

Thank you for visiting the blog and for your interest! Have a wonderful day!

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‘Tis the Season

Lucas Forge Knives, Custom Knives, Hunting Knives

The “shipping department” here at Lucas Forge is in a flurry of activity these days, sending knives all over the country! There will still be some time to get more out before Christmas and there are new knives available today!

Thank you so much for your support and encouragement! You are a blessing.


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We Have a Winner!

Nessmuk Knife, Lucas Forge, Outdoorsman Knives, Outdoor Knives, Hunting Knives, Full Tang Knives, Custom Knife, Gift Knife, Woods Knife, Camp Knife, Skinning Knife, Lucas Knives

The 2016 drawing is now complete!

Wow! Your photos are so engaging…we wish that everyone could win.

We carefully totaled up all the entries and placed the names in an online random name generator, so as to be completely fair…after a double check to see that all was in order, Lucas punched the button and the winner is…drum roll, please…

Click over here to see the winner!

Thank you so much to all who participated in this first drawing for a Lucas Forge knife and for all of your support and interest! Get ready, because entries for the 2017 drawing are already welcome…we look forward to yours!

P.S. And yes, this is the knife that belongs to the winner: it’s a hammer forged Woodsmen Nessmuk with an aged oak handle and brass!

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Today’s the Day

Hello everyone… Today’s the day that the drawing for a Lucas Forge knife takes place!

Until we have a winner, hope you enjoy browsing the amazing entries. These fellows have talent and such taste in cutting tools!

Thank you so much for your support and enthusiasm! Hope to be announcing a winner this evening!

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We’re so thankful…

Welcome to the Thanksgiving Customer Appreciation Event at Lucas Forge!

Here’s the deal:

  • Free US Shipping!
  • Free tin of Windy Ridge with order of any available knife/knives
    (1 per person, per day)!
  • Drawing for a free Lucas Forge knife is set for December 2nd! Submit your photos to be entered by December 1st. See more details here.
  • Deals will run through Friday, December 2nd, 10:00 CST! Enjoy!

Ironwood Handle, Lucas Forge, Custom Knives, Full Tang Knives, Full Tang Hunting Knives

And, on top of all this, there are 7 newly-posted knives available now! Included in this group is a Camp & Field knife with a sweet ironwood handle that’s going wild with rich color and character. You can see the reverse to that handle above!

We’re so thankful for you. Thank you for your support, encouragement and enthusiasm!

Hope you have a wonderful day!

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