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Phone: (256)431-6839


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  Lucas Bullington

P.O. Box 676 

Rogersville, AL 35652

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  1. Kimball says:

    So Dinah informed me that she was moving my LF chef knife. I have been using it for a while, but now that she has started using it she informed me that it was too far away and needs to be closer to hand. It is a fantastic kitchen knife and has become my (and her) “go to” knife in the kitchen for all sorts of cutting chores from carving meat to chopping vegetables to slicing tomatoes. Thanks again, Lucas!

  2. Tim Q. says:

    My Small Frontier did an awesome job field dressing two deer over the weekend. It’s amazing what a super sharpe, well-built knife can help with dressing out deer.

  3. Robert Irving says:

    I just received my new knife, and once again my expectations were exceeded this knife is a thing of beauty just in the fact that it is so well made, and fits my hand like Mr. Bullington made it especially for my hand. I have 2 others on order and can’t wait for them. Thank you so much for such a great piece.
    Robert Irving.

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