Do you have a testimonial about your Lucas Forge knife? Please feel free to share it here! Thank you for all your support, interest, and enthusiasm.

From Ron W.
Your craftsmanship and attention to detail never ceases to amaze me. I could not possibly be happier with all of these knives, especially the Powder River that started it all. Thank you!

From Bill B.
I have received the knives and I am very pleased with both of them. They both exceeded my expectations. You did a great job. Thanks so much!!

From Peter P. Jr.
You’re the man…I never got around to calling you after my last order but just wanted you to know I love the knife you made for me. The quality is easily seen in both the knife and the sheath. Keep up the good work!

From Jerid D.
Thank you for my latest LF knife, the Trapper. Arrived today and looks even better in person. Awesome edition to my modest LF knife family. Looking forward to my two custom orders (Kephart & Proskinner). Would love to add the Ranchero and Whitetail as well at some point. Can’t thank you enough for the hard work and energy.

From Marjie M.
My husband Robert ordered a custom knife recently. While waiting for his knife to be created he often looks at what is currently available on your website. My 50th birthday is coming soon and he found a knife he thought I might appreciate for myself. When I opened the knife I was very happy. It truly is a beautiful work of art. The combination of patterns in the Damascus blade and curly maple handle are intricate and interesting. The craftsmanship of the overall design are superb. The feel, balance, and size fit in my hand perfectly, like it was made just for me.
I later read the paperwork that came with the knife. When I read the part about making memories with your new knife I filled up. I thought about a pen knife that my dad gave me when I was a kid that I always brought fishing and camping with my family.
Thank you Lucas for helping my husband give me a beautiful gift that I will cherish for the rest of my life. You really are a talented artist!

From Ernie W.
Lucas received my knives today, I own a large number of knives: LT Wright, Survive, ZT, Benchmade, Chris Reeves, Case, Enzo and others, my top knives for using are Survive and LT a Wright and I have just added my Lucas Forge Mini Jaguar.

I looked at the various knife makers on the net for a using knife that was custom and good looking. Most I found were more of the safe queen variety and way out of my price range. I stumbled upon Lucas Forge. He was a unknown to me but something about his site may just fit my project. I called Lucas and discussed his knives, asked if what I wanted could be done, Lucas also offered some suggestions and the deal was struck.

Aprox. 8 months later (they were done sooner but we had a phone clutch) the knives arrived. This purchase was for two Mini Jaguars’ to look as identical possible, along with the Trekker sheath system. This entire project was to be one as a gift to my son who is active Army and one for myself. The gift was to be from one vet to another vet and was to be a special family thing… The knives that Lucas made far exceeded my expectations…absolutely gorgeous, outstanding fit and finish, but they are using knives.. Lucas hit a home run on my project two knives close to identical, collector quality but begging to be used, and used they will be.

Sorry this is so long winded but I wanted to convey that the experience in dealing with Lucas Forge knives is a most satisfying one. Lucas is a Gentleman to work with and produces a knife that may well become a family heirloom. Came out of this deal with three favorite knife makers now: Lucas Forge, LT Wright and Survive knives. Thank you Lucas for making my project a success in stunning fashion.. If you haven’t figured it out I really am impressed with your work and am now trying to figger which one to send to my son.

From Roy M.
Lucas, You said in the owners manual that you wonder where this one will go,what kind of memories will be made. This one will ride the high country in and around Yellowstone thanks to you.

From David O.
Lucas; I was preparing myself for a nice surprise when my two recently purchased knives, the Packer, and the Kephart, were delivered. What I received two days ago (fast, fast shipping by the way) was far better than I expected although I’ve been watching your ‘available knives’ page for some time, along with reading the other testimonials, and knew beforehand that you produced only top-notch knives. I have a goodly collection of hunting knives, but most are far below the quality and feel of what you just delivered to me. So pleased am I with the obvious attention to detail, the fine finish on both blade and handle, and the hand-stitched case, that I am now planning for my next purchase: your Woodsman Nessmuk with possibly some added deluxe carved sheath work. After showing this to some friends, all comments were the same: “Excellent craftsmanship”! Thanks Lucas!

From Michel van V.
Lucas, I don’t know how I can write in words how much I like your knife! Thank you so much for the left handed knife sheath and the new owners manual! Thank you also for the stones and real cool looking ceramic rod with walnut handle! The best I can do for you is tell everybody that is interested in knives about your product! I always have your extra business cards with me to give away. I hope you get all the recognition you deserve!
P.S. It’s cool you sign the back of the sheath.

From James A.
Received the knives the other day, couldn’t of asked for better craftsmanship. It’s going to be a pleasure to use them.

From Richard M.
Lucas, The knife is beautiful. You did a wonderful job of creating what I was wanting for my son. Thank you so much for being a great knife designer and builder.

From Brad F.
Lucas, just received my knife last night, it’s a piece of art. You have a gift. You need to raise your prices, but not before I order another one!

From John F.
Hello, the Nessmuk arrived today and it is absolutely gorgeous. And the angle of blade to grip and shape of grip make it seem especially light and handy. I can see what George Washington Sears was talking about. Thanks for a lovely piece of craftsmanship.

From Ryan
I received the knife today and let me tell you it looks AWESOME!!
Thanks !

From Alan
Arrived today and as I expected just beautiful! Looking forward to my Packer and Nesmunk! Have a great week

From David H.
I absolutely love it. I’m glad to have it.

From Erik A.
The knife is just like the picture and beautiful. Just as I expected. You do excellent work. Thank you very much!!!!!

From Alan P.
Got my third knife from you today, once again great work, thank you!

From Jerid D.
You have some outstanding pieces Lucas. I have a Packer and Small Frontier that are still waiting to get some blood on them. Hopefully this season. I’m close to pulling the trigger on ordering the Frontier Skinner as well. Just need to decide how I want it set-up. Can’t thank you enough for the hard work and talent. Keep it up.

From Bill B.
Thanks so much for the Walnut Powder River knife I received last week, Lucas. It’s a handsome knife and will be with me on my treks.

From Drew W.
Thank you! I received delivery today of 2 very beautiful knives. You do excellent work and I’m sure we’ll be doing some more business soon.

From J. Joseph M.
I love both of the knives … just what I wanted and expected!

From Randy M.
Got home this evening and my knife was in the mail don’t know what to say; “OUTSTANDING !!!!!” Absolutely love it – can’t wait to hit the timber for some hunting and dirt time with it. The sheath is great too. I have a small belt possibles bag that I carry and the color is a uncanny match. Once again really appreciate your work.

From Harry B.
I picked up the Kephart this mornin’ at my P.O. Box and it’s a beauty. I have no particular authority as a critic, but I do own Randall, Dozier, Winkler, MBB and Busse knives and yours stands in quality and construction with any of them. Thanks for the good work, I’m very pleased.

From Dan S.
The Small Frontier arrived around noon today.
Lucas, I am even more pleased with it than I expected to be. It’s size, shape and finish are in perfect harmony…thanks for your dedication to quality.

From Michael G.
The knife is amazing man. I really appreciate it. Will definitely be ordering more in the future.

From Jacob S.
I got it today! It’s amazing, thanks so much!

From Peter K.
WOW ! I grew up in New England with a large family in Quebec. This rendition of the Canadian belt knife is really fantastic.

From Luis A.
I just got the knife. Well, all I have to say, it is a work of art sir. What a beautiful knife you made for me, Now I’m really looking forward to my other order (Jack Pine) and I can see a Kephart in the future. Thanks again for a great product.

From Simon K.
Dear Lucas, the knife arrived this morning, thank you –  it is a masterpiece!
This knife looked just right for me on your website, now I have it in my hand it feels right, perfect in fact. Wonderful quality, balance, fit, finish and style. Beautiful work, my friend,
I am over the moon. I will be taking this knife to the Himalayas with me next year.
…thanks for the masterpiece, I will cherish it and use it well.

From Wayland O.

Lucas, Already had a chance to use the knife and it handled very well. This was Eli’s first deer. Field dressing, skinning, and deboning. I have another skinner but wanted to try the Jack Pine shape; great all around knife!

From Blake S.
Got my knife yesterday Lucas. I can’t believe the quality you’re able to achieve. Thanks for a job well done.

From M. O.
Just letting you know I received the knife and am absolutely delighted with it and its matching glove-like sheath. Wonderful. The elegant simplicity of the knife is what makes it so good. The handle is very smooth and yet ergonomic too.
Thank you so much for your excellent craftsmanship. I will likely order another knife from you in the next few months.

From C. E.
Thanks again for the great knife. I used it to dress, skin and quarter a buck that I killed Sunday afternoon. It did an awesome job. I am totally happy with this knife. I hope it keeps bringing me this kind of luck!

From F. G.
Hi, I just received the knife and I’m totally blown away. If this blade performs as good as it looks it will be the last knife I ever get. I’ve collected knives over the years and this is by far the best I have ever had. I am very excited to try it on a hunt. Thanks again for everything. I wish you the very best.

From B. P.
I’ve had my Nessmuk for over a month now and have used it for everything from whittling and carving to food preparation, and it’s performed great.
I originally got this knife for camping and outdoor use but it’s been so easy to sharpen and maintains such a great edge that I keep it on me all day long. As a result it’s steadily become one of my favorite kitchen knives.
For the price it is hard to imagine anyone beating Lucas on this classic utilitarian blade. Thanks much!

From J. Y.
Thank you for your hard work and attention to detail on the knives. They are everything I expected and then some.

From J.
Hi Lucas, I picked the knife up today. Keep in mind that I ordered this knife based on comments in the Backwoodsman magazine, not on experience with similarly styled knives. I am quite pleased.
Now don’t think I am downing it with faint praise – I am not drooling over its shiny highly polished finish, stroking its long elegant blade, or twirling it over my head like a barbarian sword. (People do these things, you know.)
The grips are attractive, but more importantly, both well fitted, and fit the hand well. The grips also appear durable – important in any tool. This knife fits my hand as well as my old Colt revolver (high praise indeed).
I thought in the pictures that the blade appeared overly broad and, forgive me, somewhat clunky. In the hand, the knife moves well. The blade is where you expect it to be, both position and angle. Clearly well balanced and NOT clunky when in the hand. I can not yet fully assess the shape, as I have not tried to skin an animal with this knife. Given the feel in the hand, and the edge on the blade, I expect it to work quite well.
The knife is all I hoped, and more. Thank you.

From C. B.
Hey Lucas, my knife has had many compliments and folks are asking where I bought it. Keep up the good work…your knives are amazing!

From W.R.
Thanks so much for fixing that Bowie knife for me. You are an awesome craftsman, and you did an amazing job on fixing the knife. Also, your leather sheath creations are equally impressive. I’ll keep in touch in the future. You sir, are “The Man.”

From D. P.
Hello Lucas,
I received the knife in good order today. And its my pleasure to say “it’s a great knife” from the blade geometry, the tip, the edge.The knife fits in the hand like an extension of the hand. Was good to see a cutting tool not as thick as a crow bar.
This knife is super easy to carry, yet stout enough for most any job. I have a foot locker filled with knives that cost 3 and 4 times as much as this [Frontier] Trapper AND I CAN SAY WITHOUT RESERVATION they are not as good as this knife. One would think the more you pay the better the blade!!! NOT AT ALL TRUE IN THE CASE OF YOUR WORK.
When I opened this knife, I took off the FAMOUS NECK KNIFE I HAD AROUND MY NECK AND PUT THIS ONE ON!!! AND THERE IT WILL STAY. The knife that this Trapper replaced cost 500.00 and you can see this so called famous maker all over u-tube!!!! What a joke. Your work is living proof that a well-done hunk of O-1 steel will cut with anything!!! done correctly.
The knife is a joy and it was a pleasure doing buisness with you. ARE YOU SURE I DON’T OWE YOU ANY MORE MONEY ON THIS KNIFE!!!! HA HA THAT’S HOW PEOPLE WILL FEEL WHEN THEY GET ONE OF YOUR KNIVES.

From M. H.
Thanks, Lucas, for another fine knife to add to my collection of bush knives. It will get plenty of hard use.

From D. B.
I bought one of your knives and have several lavish comments from those who know blades. The craftsmanship, quality and the soul in this instrument is evident from the finish to the heft. Congratulations. Your toil and devotion to your art is not wasted. You are producing heirlooms.

From L.R.H.
Thank you for the prompt shipping. I received my knife yesterday and it was everything I expected and more. I couldn’t be any more pleased. Hopefully I can attend one of the events we discussed and meet you in person. Keep up the good work !!!!!!

From C. M.
Thank you again for the knives. I am excited to have them and even more excited and proud to pass them down to my son. It is a timeless piece and with great workmanship. Keep up the good wook.

From R.C.
Thanks, it is perfect.

From A. W.
I got my Trade Knife and I really love it! I’ll be honest, I am impressed with the quality fit and finish of your work given the limited time you’ve been a maker. I can assure you I will be ordering another soon.

From N. L.
My friends and I are all very impressed with the two knives I purchased from you this past weekend.

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28 Responses to Testimonials

  1. Kimball says:

    Thank you for my beautiful chef’s knife. The Nessmuk-like shape is practical for chopping and slicing. I had a high quality Japanese knife for slicing, but I found the family used it for chopping as well and the edge does not hold up to that. My Lucas Forge chef’s knife is very versatile in the kitchen. I store it in the sheath in a drawer to protect the edge. Thanks for such a wonderful, practical knife.

  2. Sam D. says:

    Lucas, I want to thank you for your Windy Ridge product. It is the best product I have ever used for leather, wood or metal. I include a tin of it with every major leather piece I make with a recommendation to condition it at least two times a year. For my knives it does not change the patina over time at all, “No Rust” and also keeps the wood fresh looking. Thanks, Sam PS You also make a mighty fine knife.

  3. Dean Sheetz says:

    I have a custom-made Kephart knife from Lucas Forge. I’ve never had a knife made for me before and I am astounded by the quality of the knife I received. It’s clear to me that Lucas and his team are professionals dedicated to quality and craftsmanship. My knife is beautiful and functional. Clearly a level above anything you can get off the shelf.

    Thank you for all the care you put into your craft. I’ll recommend your work to anyone and everyone who will listen!

  4. Ken says:

    Just got 3 more knifes from Lucas and as always the best you can get. His work is always perfect from the design to the fit and finish, razor sharp and perfect balance. He makes some of the best knifes you will find. Thanks again for all the killer knifes. Ken

  5. Deb says:

    Having recently used the knife sharpener and Windy Ridge wax on the several knives I’ve purchased from you, I have to say both the sharpener and wax are exceptional products. Only surpassed by the excellent knives I have to use, usually on a daily basis. Two knives that are used in the kitchen had become slightly dull, but the sharpener quickly puts them back into newly purchased condition with a couple of strokes. I was really pleased! The wax does a great job of renewing the color and grain of the handles.

  6. J. Haas says:

    I got my knife today which was a Woodsman Nessmuk. It has exceed all of my expectations. The workmanship is stellar. I was impressed with how comfortable in my hand it is…it is almost as if it was made specifically for me. The sheath looks nice and is really well made. I am looking forward to my next purchase.
    Thank you.

  7. ken says:

    Just got my 2 customs today from Lucas and words or pics couldn’t describe these knifes just killer.Both the knives and sheaths are some of the nicest work you will find in a knife maker today a true artist.Thanks Again Lucas for your work

  8. Chris Gerbasi says:

    My new Olive Micarta Packer is amazing! The level of craftsmanship is that of a violin maker, combined with the finest materials available, create an exquisite one of a kind knife! This knife will be used for many years to come, the best part is that my son will be inheriting this knife one day! Our family has several Lucas Forge knives, and plan on purchasing more in the future. Thanks Lucas!

  9. Dave Konys says:

    The craftsmanship and quality of my “Hunter” knife and sheath far exceeded my expectations! Just a beautiful knife. I first used it to butcher a Moose, and it cut easily through the thick hide and processed the meat with little effort. Held it’s edge the entire time and I simply steel sharpened it when finished. By far the best fitting to my hand, balanced and functional of a knife as I have ever owned….which is many! This knife will become an heirloom.

  10. Wolfgang says:

    I was born and i live in Germany. My homeland has been famous for high quality steel and blades for at least a thousand years. So why choosing a knife maker from overseas? Simple – a blade from high quality steel makes a good and functional knife but not necessarily one that`s a joy to own. I was looking for the right craftsman for the better part of a year and placed my bet on Lucas Bullington – and it paid off. He`s got that gift to combine quality, functionality, beauty and character in his knives. The knives he made for me are MY knives. They are a joy to use, to look at and to just hold in your hand. They suit me in every aspect and i really appreciate them. If you`re looking for a knife that`s more than just a tool go for Lucas Forge! You won`t get more for your money elsewhere.

  11. David Burmaster says:

    I receieved my knife today, the knife and the sheath are really a beautiful work of art! Awesome job Lucas.

  12. ken says:

    Just got my new neck knife today… Again, a killer little knife and sheath, beautiful job. Thanks again Lucas.

  13. ken sinclair says:

    Just received my two new Damascus bladed knives today from Lucas. They are two of the most beautiful knives you will hold. The handles, pins, sheaths and man that Damascus. He makes some of the best knives you will find… Thanks Again Ken

  14. ken sinclair says:

    Just got another knife today from Lucas and the same as the last one he did a killer job.That coffee bean bag look is unbelievable ..Cant wait for the next one I have ordered to be ready.Thanks Again Ken

  15. Steve W Waugh says:

    I have ordered 4 knives now – 2 for myself and 2 as gifts – and I have been more than impressed and greatly satisfied with the quality of craftsmanship! Lucas is truly an artist who will produce a knife that is aligned to your specifications at a more than reasonable price! I searched for over a year to find this type of expertise and finally landed on Lucas’ site! Friends, you will not be disappointed as these knives are very well made and appointed with features making the knife a one of kind just for you! You will not be disappointed! Great quality and a knife for life!

  16. ken sinclair says:

    Just received my buffalo bowie today from Lucas and what a great job he did – couldn’t be happier with it. Well worth the wait on this beautiful knife and sheath. Will be ordering another one really soon.
    Thanks again,

  17. Robert Irving says:

    I recently received my 6th knife from Mr. Bullington and once again all my expectations were exceeded. Thank you for such beautiful knives that one day I will be proud to pass along to one of my grand kids.

  18. Robert Irving says:

    I just received my fifth knife from Mr. Bullington and the craftsmanship, workmanship and attention to detail are second to none, the knife and the sheath are both beautiful. I am looking forward to one day meeting Mr. Bullington. My biggest problem now is deciding which will be my next knife.

  19. Dan Gregory says:

    Thank you for my Jack Pine Special. The Canadian has always been my favorite blade and I have a well worn Russell that will be retired to kitchen duty now. To be honest I always felt that the Russell knife’s biggest weakness was it’s handle, and with your version I believe you have resolved that. This Jack Pine is a sweet knife, and fits the hand in several different grips quite naturally.

    The workmanship is excellent, there is nothing “weak” about this Canadian.

  20. Robert Irving says:

    I just received my 4th Lucas Forge knife and it is a thing of beauty. I already love this knife and it is now my favorite, I have another knife on order and like a kid on Christmas morning I can’t wait until it comes so I can see and hold it. And dealing with Mr. Bullington is a pleasure which makes the whole experience so worth it. If you are thinking of ordering a custom knife you couldn’t do better period.

  21. Don Morrow says:

    I received my knife today, Wow!….that’s all I got, Wow!
    It exceeded my expectations in every way. I am picky, and used to play at re-purposing old carbon butcher knives, so I have some appreciation of what goes into blade geometry, grind lines and balance. The Frontier Trapper you made for me with a slightly elongated handle was exactly what I envisioned. There was no ‘ ground shrinkage ‘ on this one ! Your leather quality matches the knife…couldn’t be bettered. Again, Wow !
    You, sir, are an Artist. And Thank You.

  22. Kimball says:

    I picked up a tin of the Windy Ridge treatment for my knives at the Fiddler’s Convention. What a great product! I have used it on wooden knife scales, leather sheaths, and even blades. Easy to apply and easy to store. Thanks!

  23. Mike Yancey says:

    Just a note to let you know again how well the knife you made me is serving me. I have used it to skin and process two bears one in the spring and one this fall as well as a deer yesterday. When I cleaned up the knife all I did was steel it and it will still shave. This is after using the knife to chop the ribs off one of the bears.
    Thank you for a great knife!
    Mike Yancey

  24. Eddie Pickens says:

    I just purchased a leather sheath for a TOPS BOB knife because I decided I didn’t like the kydex sheath the knife came with—and because I think good knives should be kept in good leather sheaths. When the sheath arrived, I was more than satisfied. First, the finish of the leather is perfect and super attractive. The threads are set down inside a channel cut into the leather to protect the sewed threads from rubbing and abrasions for long lasting quality. The belt loop is not only riveted, but is sewn with double stitching. The full length of the sheath has a thick welt to keep the blade from cutting the stitching. And finally, the sheath has been wet molded to fit the knife perfectly and hold it in place nice and firm. The edges of the sheath are even dressed. I do leather work myself, but nothing like this–but I recognize top quality and all the extra touches that create top quality. This sheath is top quality. I like the sheath so much, that if I didn’t have a knife to put into it, I’d buy one. Plus, I got a nice handwritten, sincere note from the company thanking me for the business. I should be thanking them for making such a professional product. Personal touches go a long way towards continued sale of a great product. I’ll be a repeat customer.

  25. Jaye Slaton says:

    Wow! Ordered semi matching knives for myself and my son. A Kephart and a Mini Jaguar. I could not be more satisfied! As always super value, great materials and good ole Alabama craftsmanship! All other knives are shelved or for sale!

  26. Jaye Slaton says:

    I picked up a small frontier knife with ironwood handles from Lucas Forge. It is my 4th knife from Lucas SO FAR! Perfect form, fit and finish. The edge is razor sharp. Best knife I’ve ever bought. Lucas is quietly and humbly making a better product at a far better price!

  27. Robert Irving says:

    Received my knife and it is everything I expected and more, I already love this knife. And the people I dealt with were first class also which made the whole experience that much more fun. Will be ordering another very soon.

  28. Bill Wales says:

    I enjoyed meeting you at the Fiddler’s Convention. The “Classic Hunter” is a beautiful knife and I am really enjoying it. The snap sheath is also great. Good work!

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