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When placing an order for a custom hunting knife from Lucas Forge, there are so many options available aside from the standard models. Please feel free to take a look below at some of the add-ons that are available for your custom knife. If you are interested in learning more about any of these options, feel free to get in touch with me.

Standard Handle Woods/Materials:

Here you’ll get an idea of some of the handle materials that are available. (If no added price is listed, these materials go with your knife’s base price.) You can see many of the handle materials by looking at the knives on this site. Some of the materials are linked directly to a representaion piece so you can see what it looks like on a knife. (Check out the Past Work page to see a whole passel of them!) Please remember that there’s huge varation in these materials, especially the “curly” natural pieces, so your custom knife will have look that’s unique to it!

Native Woods


  • Micarta (Black, NaturalOlive Green) – add $20.00
  • Laminate Woods (Blue, Walnut, Oak, Black/Grey, Cocobolo, Green) – add $15.00
  • Coffeebag Shadetree Phenolic – add $20.00
  • Other Shadetree Phenolic (Houndstooth, Denim, etc.) usually runs about $30.00 – $40.00 depending on the type and availability.


Horn – Limited Stock (please check to see what’s available before ordering)

  •  Antler – add $60; subject to availablity, please contact for more information
  • Ram’s Horn – add $60; subject to availablity, please contact for more information

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Other Custom Options:

The customizable features of a knife are many and varied. Here are some that are available and the approximate price for adding this option to your custom knife. If you are interested in adding something special that you don’t see here, just contact and ask if it can be done!

  • Design cost (designing your dream knife from a picture or concept) – $50.00
  • Standard thumb jimping on spine – add $15.00 per inch
  • X-jimping on spine – add $20.00 per inch
  • Filework on spine is available in two different patterns – Classic or Vine – add $25.00
  • Your initials can be stamped into the knife spine – $15 for three letters, $5 for each additional letter
  • 3/16″ copper and nickel silver mosaic pins in handle – $8.00 per pin
  • Cross-hatch pattern on handle adds $35.00
  • Pin-style rivets can be brass, nickel silver, copper, or steel
  • Fish-Eye Rivets (bolts) can be brass or steel
  • Lanyard hole liner can be brass, nickel silver, steel, copper, or an unlined lanyard hole may be selected
  • Some period-style knives look best without a lanyard hole, in which case you may prefer it left out of the handle
  • Many of the knife models have your choice of 3/32″ or 1/8″ blade thickness, some of the big knives are 3/16″ and even 1/4″ thick
  • The use of 5/32″ steel stock adds $30.00 to the price of a standard 1/8″ knife
  • The use of 3/16″ steel stock adds $40.00 to the price of a standard 1/8″ knife
  • The use of 1/4″ steel stock adds $50.00 to the price of a standard 1/8″ knife
  • Blade length can be adjusted on most knives. blades can be made shorter than the standard length for any model at no charge.
  • Blades can be made longer to a degree, contact for details. The cost for longer blades starts at $15.00.

Thank you for looking! To order your custom knife today, please call (256) 431-6839 or email Hope you have a great day!

*All prices may be subject to adjustment – please email to check current pricing! Thank you.

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