The Powder River

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The historically-inspired Powder River design has everything that a traditional outdoorsman could require in an all-purpose belt knife, for this knife is built to serve.

  • This model is approximately 8 3/8 inches overall, with its 4-inch blade. It is also available with a 5-inch blade.
  • Made out of O-1 high carbon tool steel, in a 1/8-inch width.
  • The blade has a smooth, sweeping edge that holds a sharpening like only high-carbon steel does. The sharp tip is ready and waiting when you are faced with chores like skinning your catch. An aged blade finish is the standard for the Powder River family, but satin and hammer-forged pattern finishes are both options when customizing this knife.
  • Brass pins complete this look. Or, you can go deluxe and upgrade to 3/16″ mosaic pins!
  • Your handle choice. I recommend native, natural materials such as oak, curly maple, walnut, mesquite, osage orange, or ironwood, because of the nature of this model, but feel free to be creative. The knife above has a classic, elegant walnut handle.
  • Includes a custom-fitted vertical-carry leather belt sheath – handmade right here by Ike! Horizontal sheaths are not available for this model…but better than that and best of all in the sheath options – the Powder River is fully compatible with the Trekker sheath. Please be sure to check out all Trekker’s amazing details over here!

Custom Hunting Knives, Custom Leather Belt Sheath

Custom Hunting Knives, Lucas Forge, Custom Knife, Curly Maple Handle, Trade Knife, Historic Knife, Lucas Knives

The Powder River model starts at a base price of $175.

To order your own custom Powder River knife, please click on the button below to see a form with some of the options that are available! If you’re interested in something you don’t see here, please visit the Custom Options page, email or call (256) 431-6839 for more details.

Important! Please note that I require a $25.00 deposit when taking a custom knife order online. By using the PayPal button below, you will be placing a custom knife order and paying the deposit. At this time the expected delivery for custom orders is about 7 months from order date. An email will be sent to let you know your order is ready. Thank you!

Order Form for Custom Powder River

Handle Choice
Blade Length and Finish
Hardware Choice
Spine Options
Sheath Choice
Other Custom Option Choices?
Any Special Instructions?

Thank you so much for your interest in rural Alabama craftsmanship.

Here are more examples of the Powder River. If you have questions concerning a particular knife, please reference its number when writing (example: PR-5). Thank you again for your interest! Have a grand day out there.

Custom Hunting Knives, Hunting Knife, Trade Knife, Historic Knife, Lucas Forge, Mountain Man Knife, Belt Knife

Above: (PR-7) Light curly maple handle.

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Above: (PR-6) This edition of the Powder River has the 5-inch blade option, the hammer forged blade finish, and a ram’s horn handle!

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Above: (PR-5) This beauty has a muted curly maple handle and also a patch of thumb jimping along the spine for added grip and interest.

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Above: (PR-4) This one has a customized 5-inch blade; walnut handle. No lanyard hole.

Custom Knife, Historical Knife, Trade Knife, Mountain Man Knife, Lucas Forge, Custom Hunting Knives

Above: (PR-3) Traditional style. Ready to work.

Trade Knife, Rendezvous, Mountain Man, Lucas Forge, Custom Hunting Knife, Bone Handle, Indian Knife

Above: (PR-2) This is a deluxe version of the model that features an aged bone handle and oversized copper/nickel silver pins. A real beauty.

Trade Knife, Custom Hunting Knife, Skinning Knife, Custom Knife, Lucas Forge Above: (PR-1) This classic walnut handle fits right with the Powder River design.

What will yours look like? Order your custom Powder River knife using the form above!

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