The Packer

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The Packer is an ideal drop point hunting knife that is suited to a wide range of tasks around the camp and in the field. . .just about anything from skinning a deer to carving marshmallow-roasting sticks.

  • Each of these knives are approximately 8 inches overall, with a 3 3/8-inch blade.
  • The blade is O-1 high carbon tool steel in a 1/8-inch width. Other steel widths are available for custom order.
  • An aged blade finish is the popular standard for the Packer, but satin and hammer-forged pattern finishes are both options when customizing this knife.
  • Brass bolts are the hardware of choice. Or, you can go deluxe and upgrade to 3/16″ mosaic pins.
  • The Packer is available in a wide variety of handle choices (the one shown above is sporting a desert ironwood handle).
  • Each Packer also comes with a handcrafted vertical-carry leather belt sheath! A custom horizontal sheath is available upon order. If you wish to have both a vertical and horizontal sheath to go with you knife, just call or email and we’ll work something out for you!

Base price for this model: $175

To order your own custom Packer, please fill out the form below. If you’re interested in something you don’t see here, please visit the Custom Options page, or email

Important! Please note that I require a $25.00 deposit when taking a custom knife order online. By using the PayPal button below, you will be placing a custom knife order and paying the deposit. At this time the expected delivery for custom orders is about 7 months from order date. An email will be sent to let you know your order is ready. Thank you!

Order Form for Custom Packer Knife

Handle Choice
Blade Length and Finish
Hardware Choice
Spine Options
Sheath Choice
Other Custom Option Choices?
Any Special Instructions?

Thank you so much for considering a handcrafted cutting tool from Lucas Forge!

Below you will find a selection of pictures that showcase just some of options available in your custom Packer. If you are interested in adding any of these features, contact Lucas by using the information above. If you have a question about a particular knife pictured here, please reference the number when writing (example: P-3). Thank you!

Packer, Packer Knife, Packing Knife, Hunting Knife, Custom Hunting Knife, Lucas Forge Knives, Outdoorsmen Knife
 Above: (P-1) The Packer model featuring a stabilized walnut handle and satin finish. 

Bacote, Packer, Bacote Packer, Lucas Forge, Custom Hunting Knives, Handmade Knife, Backwoodsman, Lucas Bullington Knives

 Above: (P-2) An exotic-looking bacote handle finishes this Packer. 

Custom packer Knife, Pack Knife, Belt Knife, Skinning Knife, Field Dressing Knife, Hunting Knife

 Above: (P-3) A bright curly maple handle. Special order brass pins. 

Packer Knife, Custom Knives, Custom Hunting Knives, Lucas Forge Knives, Lucas Knives, Camp Knives, Skinning Knives, Woods Knives, Explorer Knives, Pack Knives

 Above: (P-4) Yet another absolutely striking desert ironwood handle crowns this Packer. 

Packer, Pakcing Knife, Backpacking Knife, Custom Knives, Lucas Forge, Custom Knifemaker, Lucas Forge

Above: (P-5) This one has a fantastic osage orange handle and aged blade. 

Custom Knife, Hunting Knife, Dressing Knife, Skinning Knife, Belt Knife

Above: (P-6) An amazing curly maple handle… Mosaic pins, too! 

Packer Knife, Knife, Custom Hunting Knives, Survival Knife, Woods Knife, Camp Knife

Above: (P-7) The Packer design featuring a maidou burl handle and mosaic pins. 
Custom Hunting Knife, Lucas Forge, Lucas Knives, Survival Knives, Hunting Knife, Belt Knife Above: (P-8) The Packer design made with a customized spliced handle: walnut, red liner, and osage! Aged blade finish. 
Packer, Custom Hunting Knives, Lucas Forge
Above: (P-9) A Packer with a classy walnut handle and aged finished blade. 
Belt Knife, Hunting Knife, Custom Knife
Above: (P-10) Pictured here is a Packer showing a curly maple handle. 

Ironwood, Packer Knife, Custom hunting knives

 Above: (P-11) The Packer design featuring an aged blade, an ironwood handle, and the great standard brass bolt hardware.
 Packer Knives, Belt Knives, Custom Knives, Custom Hunting Knives, Lucas Forge, Survival Knives
 Above: (P-12) Featured here are two Packers with mesquite (top) and walnut handles. 
Custom Hunting Knives, Lucas Forge, Packer Knife, Custom Knife, Hunting Knife
Above: (P-13) Stained osage orange. 
Packer, Packing Knife, Custom Knife, Custom Hunting Knife, Lucas Forge, Custom Knives, Full Tang Knife
Above: (P-14) Packer design, olive green micarta, aged finish and brass.  
Custom Knife, Packer, Lucas Forge, Custom Hunting Knife
Above: (P-15) Brilliant curly maple handle. Mosaic pins. Horizontal sheath.

Coffeebag, Coffeebag Knife Handles, Lucas Forge, Coffee Lover Gift, Custom Knives, Hunting Knife, Working Knife, Backwoodsman Knives, Custom Knifemakers, Hunting Knives

Above: (P-16) Coffeebag handle and mosaic pins. 
Packer Knife, Belt Knife, Custom Knives, Lucas Forge
Above: (P-17) Blue-grey micarta handle. Aged finish. Brass. Horizontal sheath.

Packer, Curly Maple Packer, Pack Knife, Belt Knife, Custom Hunting Knives, Lucas Forge

Above: (P-18) Stunning curly maple, brass, and an aged blade finish.

Thank you for looking!

What will yours look like? Order your custom Packer knife using the form above!

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