Woodsman Nessmuk

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The Woodsman Nessmuk is a rich, historically-inspired knife design that is built for today’s adventure.

This design is a variation of the knife favored by George Washington Sears, who’s pen name was “Nessmuk.” This is not a copy of his design and is not meant to be a reproduction. This knife is made for those who like the idea of a Nessmuk design, but don’t want the extreme hump on the spine of the knife, or the continuously upward-sweeping  curve of the cutting edge. If you want an exact copy of the knife pictured in Mr. Sear’s book, please let me know, I would be happy to build one for you.

 This is one of the designs that was featured in a Backwoodsman Magazine article July/August issue, 2013.

  • This model is about 8 3/4 inches in overall length, including the 4 1/4-inch blade. The flat-grind blade has a powerful sweep with lots of edge.
  • Made out of 1/8-inch, O-1 high-carbon tool steel. Other steel widths are available for custom order.
  • An aged blade finish is the standard for the Woodsman Nessmuk, but satin and hammer-forged pattern finishes are both options when customizing this knife.
  • Brass pins are the hardware of choice. Or, you can go deluxe and upgrade to 3/16-inch mosaic pins!
  • Many handle choices are available – you pick! The knife above is made with an epic curly maple handle with a medium brown stain.
  • All custom orders come with a handcrafted vertical-carry leather belt sheath, made in the shop! Horizontal sheaths are not available with this model…but better than that and best of all in the sheath options – the Woodsman Nessmuk is fully compatible with the Trekker sheath. Please be sure to check out all Trekker’s details over on the sheath page!

The Woodsman Nessmuk model starts at $185.

To order your own custom Woodsman Nessmuk, please use the form below. If you’re interested in something you don’t see here, please visit the Custom Options page, email  lucas@customhuntingknives.org or call (256) 431-6839 for more details.

Important! Please note that I require a $25.00 deposit when taking a custom knife order online. By using the PayPal button below, you will be placing a custom knife order and paying the deposit. At this time the expected delivery for custom orders is 6-7 months from order date. An email will be sent to let you know your order is ready. Thank you!

Order Form for Custom Woodsman Nessmuk

Handle Choice
Blade Length and Finish
Hardware Choice
Spine Options
Sheath Choice
Other Custom Option Choices?
Any Special Instructions?

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Above: Woodsman Nessmuk with a Trekker sheath. 

Below, you’ll find a selection of Nessmuk knives made in the past. Please note that some of these knives exhibit a slightly different shape than I currently build. The knife at the top of the page is a later model. If you have questions regarding a particular knife, please include its code when writing (example: N-3) Thanks for looking! We hope you have a fine day!

Ironwood Woodsman Nessmuk

Above: (N-22) Ironwood handle, brass, and aged blade finish. Dramatic.

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Above: (N-21) Aged bone handle with copper and nickel silver rivets. No lanyard hole. Trekker sheath!

Nessmuk Knife, Custom Nessmuk Knife, Sears Nessmuk, Lucas Forge Knives, Custom Knife

Above: (N-20) Bright curly maple, set off with special order full-handle cross-hatching.

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Above: (N-19) Top Woodsman Nessmuk features a bright curly maple handle; below is a stately osage orange handled edition.

Nessmuk, Custom Hunting Knives

Above: (N-18) An early version of cross-hatching adds interest to a this early Woodsman Nessmuk with its classic walnut handle.

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Above: (N-17) Another great example of a walnut handle.

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Above: (N-15)  Handle is curly maple with “buckskin” stain and cross hatching.

Woodsman Nessmuk, Backwoodsman Nessmuk, Nessmuk Knife, Nessmuk, Lucas Forge

Above: (N-14) An exotic Bacote handle. Blade has thumb jimping.

Woodsman Nessmuk Knife, Nessmuk Knife, Nessmuk, Lucas Forge, Custom Knives, Custom Hunting Knives

Above: (N-12) Yet another variation of the curly maple handle with a dark stain to finish it. Aged blade finish.

Custom Hunting Knives, Nessmuk Knife, Custom Knives, Nessmuk, Custom Nessmuk Knife,

Above: (N-11) This one has an aged oak handle. It has an amazing grain.

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Above: (N-23) Walnut handle with the rustic hammer-forged pattern blade finish.

Nessmuk Knife, Survival Knife, Hunting Knife, Lucas Forge Knives, Lucas Knives, Custom Made Knives, Custom Leatherwork, Custom Hunting Knives

Above: (N-9) Hammer forged finish paired with dark curly maple. Very striking grain!

Custom Knives, Nessmuk Knife, Custom Nessmuk Knife, Lucas Forge, Knifemaker Above: (N-8) This Nessmuk has a very unique multi-material handle: curly maple, red fiber spacing, and osage orange.  A custom order.

Nessmuk, Hunting Knife, Custom Hunting Knives

Above: (N-7) The Nessmuk handcrafted with a walnut handle. Traditional. Classic. So Woodsman Nessmuk. As a side, this is THE Nessmuk that was featured in the July/August 2013 issue of “The Backwoodsman” magazine.

Custom Knives, Hunting Knives, Lucas Forge

Above: (N-6) Curly maple handle and forged blade finish.

Hunting Knives, Custom Knives, Nessmuk Knives, Lucas Forge

Above: (N-5) The 5-inch blade version with exotic bacote handle and accompanied by a Trekker sheath.

Backwoodsman Knife, Nessmuk Knife, Custom Nessmuk Knife, Lucas Forge Nessmuk Knife, Lucas Knives, Lucas Forge, Hunting Knives, Skinning Knife, Camp Knife, Outdoor Knife

Above: (N-4) Hammer-forged pattern blade finish, aged bone handle, copper and nickel silver rivets. This one has a lot of historic flavor.

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Above: (N-3) Handsome aged oak handle.

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Above: (N-2) The Nessmuk with a stained curly maple handle. Mosaic pins.

Custom Knives, Nessmuk, Lucas Forge, Camp Knife, Hunting Knife

Above: (N-1) Classic Woodsman Nessmuk style: walnut, brass, aged blade finish, Trekker sheath.

What will yours look like? Order your custom Woodsman Nessmuk knife using the form above!

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