Black Forest Belt Knife – F7

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This original Black Forest Belt Knife is hammer forged of W-2 high carbon steel. Hammer-marks are left intact along the top part of the blade…the lower blade is aged. The spine is about 3/16-inch at the thickest, being tapered to tip and tang.

Overall, we have a measurement of approximately 8 5/8 inches, including that 4 3/8-inch blade.

The handle is curly maple, complemented with brass hardware.

Comes with its own custom handmade leather sheath!

This knife is SOLD, thank you! If you’re interested in order a custom knife similar to this one, please direct any questions you may have to Have a wonderful day!

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  1. Kevin Conran says:

    Received the knife today and could not be happier. I am very proud to own this knife and it will be a constant companion to me when I am in the woods and an heirloom to hand down to my son. The sheath is very well made too. Amazing quality craftsmanship at a price working people can afford. Thank you

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