Windy Ridge

Leather and Metal Conditioner, Preserver for Leather, Leather Finish, Leather Bag Finish, Leather Bag Waterproofer, Metal Finish, Blade Protection Finish, Leather Care Products, Knife Care ProductsWindy Ridge is a complex blend of beneficial waxes and oils that combines to create a great all-around balm for protecting and rejuvenating woods and leather, plus it also works as a protective coating for knives and other steels! It has been developed, made, and field-tested on Lucas Forge knives all right here!

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Windy Ridge is very easy to use with a couple different options for knife care. It can be periodically rubbed on (both the knife and sheath) and then buffed off with a cloth to protect and improve both color and luster. It can also be applied and left on the whole knife. It will create a film, protecting the knife from extreme conditions. If using for protection during storage, I would recommend applying the wax and then rubbing off to a thin coating. When the knife is removed from storage, excess wax can be removed with a little oil on a rag.

 It’s all-natural and skin-safe, too! Comes in a 2-ounce tin with a classy label on the front. Easy to pack with you anywhere.

Preserver for Leather, Leather Finish, Metal Finish, Metal Protection, Leather protection

$12.00 per tin, or $11.00 each for two or more. Shipping is included on orders in the US! To order, please use the PayPal button below.

Note: At this time, Windy Ridge is not available for international orders unless it’s included in a knife order. We apologize for any inconvenience and thank you for your understanding!


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Larry, a customer, says:
I really like your wax, it’s awesome and I like the tin that in comes in, too. 
Best protectant I’ve ever seen!

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