Coffeebag Frontier Trapper

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This striking knife is sleek, lightweight, and rugged, making it a superb woodsrunner’s companion. The Frontier Trapper design is compact for everyday use, yet it has blade size and power for a myriad of tasks in the field.

Overall, we have a length of about 7 5/8 inches, including a 3 1/2-inch blade. The blade is constructed out of 52100 high carbon steel in a 1/8-inch thickness. The blade is aged and it has a hammer forged finish too!

The handle is fantastic coffeebag phenolic, accented with brass pins and a thin brass lanyard hole liner.

For more information about this material, please visit this post! It’s really cool stuff!

This Trapper comes complete with a handcrafted leather sheath!

This one’s sold! If you would like to order a similar knife, please visit the Frontier model page and select coffebag handle, brass pins, and hammer-forge finish in the order form! And thank you for looking!

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