Stag Handled – U3

Stag, Hunting Knife, Survival Knife, Collector's Knife

Introducing a one-of-a-kind piece from Lucas Forge: The Royal Stage Hunter. A regal knife that is filled with artistic features. The blade is finely crafted using O-1 tool steel and is about 13 inches overall. The handle is made from the antler of a Sanbar Stag (who hail from India), which is one of the “kings” of handle materials, and it is fitted with a nickel silver guard and unique nickel silver detailing on the end of the handle. Comes with the pictured leather sheath, which is hand-dyed and hand-cut and meticulously hand-stitched. The picture just can’t do this knife justice!
This one is SOLD – thank you! A similar custom knife would be priced at $450.00.
Call now at (256) 431-6839 or email for more information about placing a custom knife order. Thank you for looking at Lucas Forge; your support is appreciated.

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